Thirteen by Tom Hoyle (book review)

Thirteen is a fictional story about a crazy cult in england called ‘the people‘ who have killed 12 out of 13 children that were born at midnight in the millennium.

The last child’s name is Adam.

He soon discovers that people are after him, that people want to kill him. And soon his life completely falls apart.

Nowhere is safe, the cult has members everywhere. They are all willing to do what ever their cult leader asks of them.

The book was fantastic, Tom Hoyle is a great author. The way it was written absoultly pulled me in.

I was very attached to the characters he created. The storyline was greatly executed too.


This book is part of a sequel, which i still have not read yet. When i get the chance to read it, i shall write a review.

Otis Fyahwood

Published by Otis Fyahwood

Author, Writer from Portsmouth city UK

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