UK Lockdown – 3.0

As many of you aware us here in the united kingdom, are in our third lockdown.

The question i keep asking myself is, how many more lockdown’s can a country have?

At some point not too far in the future, the UK economy will completely collapse. They keep on lending money, which is putting thousands of companies into debt, way beyond the point of safe return.

Millions have lost their jobs, families have lost their homes.

The Government cannot keep producing money, at some point they will want it back, but with more people every day losing their employment i don’t see how that is ever going happen.

They have been slow to react in every turn of this pandemic and even today, there are steps that should be addressed which are simply being ignored.

These are unprecedented times, but if we are not careful it will be the end of time for millions of people.

The good news now is that many vaccines are being approved, the bad news is, it would take about two years to vaccinate everybody in the UK. With that said its clear that pandemics and lockdown’s are far from being over.

The virus is now more contagious than it was, cases local to me are rising high and sadly there are many who are ignoring the rules. And it is those people who are the reason why we’re now in lockdown 3.0.

Otis Fyahwood

Published by Otis Fyahwood

Author, Writer from Portsmouth city UK

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